This allows you to get an accurate pickup estimate for a certain latitude and longitude location.

This chapter describes how to obtain the current ETA for this firm to pick-up a customer from a certain location using GPS co-ordinates using the PICKUP_ESTIMATE command.

Returned Data

Below is details of the data that is returned in multiple array objects.

taxi_idThis is the unique ID number for the driver.
first_nameDrivers First Name
last_nameDrivers Last Name
statusThis could be either AVAILABLE or BUSY, busy being that the driver is currently in a job but is the best driver to get to the pick-up location once they finish.
latLast Known Latitude of Driver (Decimal).
longLast Known Longitude of Driver (Decimal).
distanceDistance from pick-up location, including distance to drop off, then on to pick-up if already in a job. Value is in miles.
T2PEstimated time to Pick-up is in text format such as:

5 to 10 minutes
10 to 20 minutes
up to 30 minutes
up to 45 minutes
up to 1 hour
over 1 hour
T2PDEstimated time to pick-up in digit form in minutes. For example: 13
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