Gazoop API has two methods of authentication, one for Internal use and one for Customer Public use. This allows fleets to use our software to offer a direct API solution to their clients to automatically feed jobs in to their system. Our API utilizes TCP/IP-based technology which resides on your system. We currently offer an HTTPS interface to make API calls in to the Customer API allowing most web-based programming languages to take advantage of a simple yet highly flexible system. Data is currently returned as a JSON element.

Host Address

Use the following host address when communicating with the Gazoop API’s:

You can also replace "live" with the command you wish to use, instead of sending the "command" parameter. For example:

About Security

It is your responsibility to protect your passwords and other confidential data and to implement security safeguards on your website and in your organization, or to ensure that your hosting company or internal web operations team is implementing them on your behalf.
Please be advised that it is possible to lock down an API_KEY to only be accessed from certain IP addresses and/or IP ranges. Please reach out to the fleet operator to enable this limitation.


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