This tool creates a brand new quote for the customer.

When creating a quote you will receive a quote reference number, it is important that you log this as you will need this quote number if you wish to quickly create the job. Otherwise, you can create the booking using the exact same fields.

The system does not send any quote emails or SMS messages automatically when using the API.


Customer Account Information Optional

Quotes can be generated without any customer account identified, however, please be aware this also means a customer can not retrieve any previously stored quotes and you will be unable to retrieve them from their customer ID.

Via Points

Via Points must be provided in the following format for each array object.

textThis should contain the full via-point address text. Seek PICKUP_ADDRESS for formatting information.
latVia-point Latitude. Seek PICKUP_LAT for formatting information.
longVia-point Longitude. Seek PICKUP_LONG for formatting information.
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