This allows you to search addresses using the fleet configuration.

What is "text" in the results?

Text is the category of the result, these are subject to change. These could be for example "Airports", "Postcodes", "Google Places", "Foursquare", "Fleet Points of Interests".

What is the val value?

The "val" is broken up as follows:

(2 Char KeyType)-(Data)

Below are the current two char key types:

Key CodeKey Description
LLLatLang - this will return a result of (lat)|(lang)|(text) for example:

51.150837|-0.177416|London Gatwick Airport
AIAirport LatLang - this will return a result of (lat)|(lang)|(airportIATA)|(text) for example:

51.150837|-0.177416|LGW|LGW - London Gatwick Airport
GPGoogle Places ID - This will return a single data code of the place ID only. For example:


When a value is selected, you must complete an API call to Google Maps to obtain the lat lang information required.
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