This tool allows you to check bookings currently in the system against the customer account.


Is the Job ID required?

No, if you do not provide a Job ID the API will return the next live booking for the customer that is due. For example, if a booking is placed for 1 hours time and another for tomorrow, not providing a Job ID will return the booking in 1 hours time, and not the one for tomorrow. In addition, it will not return any cancelled bookings either. If the booking in 1 hour time was cancelled, then the booking returned would be the one for tomorrow.

Returned Data - Job Data

Below is the returned data from the Job Data object.

job_idProvides the booking reference for the selected booking, this will either be the same value as submitted to the API, otherwise the selected booking if a JOB_ID was not sent in the original API request.
taxi_idThis is the unique ID number for the driver who is assigned to this booking. This may not be the public reference for the driver to give to the customer which is generally found in the INTERNAL_REFERENCE parameter.
pickup_textThis is the provided pick-up address text.
pickup_latThis is the pick-up latitude in decimal.
pickup_longThis is the pick-up longitude in decimal.
dropoff_textThis is the provided drop-off address text.
dropoff_latThis is the drop-up latitude in decimal.
dropoff_longThis is the drop-up longitude in decimal.
costThis is the default cost stored for this booking.
currencyThis is the currency for this booking.
milesThis is the total miles for this journey.
est_time_durationThis is the estimated time duration whilst going from pick-up to the drop off.
nameLead Passenger Name
telephoneLead Passenger Phone Number
emailLead Passenger Email
pickup_timeUnix Timestamp of Pick-up Time
pickup_time_textHuman readable version of PICKUP_TIME
statusThis is the current status of the job, this can return as any of the following values:

W = Pending Pre-book
Q = In Queue (waiting for driver)
P = Pending Driver Approval
1 = Driver en-route to Pick-up
A = Driver Approaching Pick-up
2 = En-route to Drop-off (POB)
V = Job Cancelled/Void
Y = Job Completed
booking_typeThis is the type of booking and can return any of the following values:

passengersTotal number of passengers.
casesTotal number of cases.
vehicle_preferenceThis is the vehicle preference specified when placing the booking. This can be any of the following values:

NA = Not Applicable / No Preference
SALOON = Saloon Car
ESTATE = Estate Car
EXEC = Executive Car
8SEATER = 8 Seater Vehicle
MINIBUS = Mini Bus
LIMO = Limousine
BUS = Bus
* COACH = Coach
wheelchairReturns either TRUE or FALSE whether a wheelchair accessible vehicle is required for this booking.
notesNotes provided at booking stage, and any supplementary notes added by the fleet operator internally.
order_methodThis can be set to any of the following values:

AGENT = iWebCab Telephone Agent
ADMIN = Fleet Dispatcher/Admin
API = API/Mobile Application
RECURRING = Auto Recurring Booking
IVR = Automated telephone System
SMS = Inbound SMS Message
time_createdUnix timestamp of created time.
time_queuedUnix timestamp of when job queued for a driver to accept.
time_pickedupUnix timestamp of when job was marked as picked-up (POB).
time_completedUnix timestamp of when job was marked as completed.
recurring_job_idThe original booking reference number. Only provided when ORDER_METHOD is set to RECURRING.
start_job_latThis is the drivers latitude when they started this job.
start_job_longThis is the drivers longitude when they started this job.
start_job_etaThis is the ETA in minutes when the driver started the job.
gpxThis is a link to the actual route driven by the driver for this ride. You must add data.kml or data.gpx depending on the file format you want to the end of this given URL.
viapointsThis is an array of via points in correct order of pickup. It contains the following items in each array element:

text = Address Text
lat = Latitude of Via Point
long = Longitude of Via Point
feedback_scoreIf provided by the customer, this is the feedback score out of 5. A 0 result means no feedback was provided.

Returned Data - Taxi Data

Below is the returned data from the Taxi Data object.

taxi_idThis is the unique ID number for the driver who is assigned to this booking. This may not be the public reference for the driver to give to the customer which is generally found in the INTERNAL_REFERENCE parameter.
internal_referenceThis is the internal reference for this driver. This should be the reference shown to the customer as this is generally linked to the medallion or reference number placed on the vehicle or license number of the driver.
first_nameDrivers First Name
last_nameDrivers Last Name
mobile_numberDrivers Mobile Number
reg_plateDrivers Registration Plate Number
car_makeVehicle Make
car_colourVehicle Color/Colour
latLast Known Latitude of Driver (Decimal).
longLast Known Longitude of Driver (Decimal).
ratingA 5 Star rating, in 2 decimal, of the drivers rating based on customer feedback.
url_driver_pictureA URL served by HTTPS that displays a photograph of the driver.
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