Get all the available drivers last locations and statuses.

This chapter describes how to grab all currently available driver locations by using the DRIVERS command. This can be used for mobile applications that use a cache of this data to obtain the location of available drivers. We suggest grabbing this data in no less than 15 second increments and use a cache to prevent hitting Acceptable Use API breach restrictions.

Vehicle Preferences

You can use any of the below for the vehicle preference option:

  • NA = Not Applicable / No Preference
  • SALOON = Saloon Car
  • ESTATE = Estate Car
  • EXEC = Executive Car
  • MPV = MPV
  • MPVPLUS = MPV Plus
  • 8SEATER = 8 Seater Vehicle
  • MINIBUS = Mini Bus
  • LIMO = Limousine
  • BUS = Bus
  • COACH = Coach

The default setting is NA.

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